Dev logs

At Devil Dahu, we work in the open. And we like to share our experience with other. We will write about it here.

A year of bevy, past and future

Looking back at how we contributed to bevy and looking forward to where bevy is heading.

Our dev environment

How we use the fossil SCM

2023 devlog 3

bevy_mod_cuicui and bevy-kdl-ui progress report

Necking devlog 2

Third week of Necking development, it discusses respawn hooks, writing a custom hot-reloader for bevy, turning constants into parameters, and more details on bevy_mod_cuicui

Necking devlog 1

The first two weeks of necking development resumption! Deep dive into the difficulties encountered, solutions I thought about and link to open source projects for those solutions. Early development screenshots and videos!

Architecture of a GBA game — gssa

The elm/MVC architecture on 240Kb of memory and 16Mhz

Rewriting a GBA game in Rust — gssa

a tell of little UBs and a developer clinging dearly at sanity

Video game essence

Our interpretation of what video game essence is (take that, Sakurai)

Behind the Klod

The making of Klod, our 2nd bevy game jam entry

Making Warlock's Gambit

A rundown of the development process of Warlock's Gambit during the first bevy jam